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Locking and Unlocking Services

Our professional lock and unlock service are designed to assist businesses and individuals by reassuring them that their buildings have been patrolled, secured, alarmed and safety checked. 

Operational needs of businesses have resulted in the use of our hassle-free service to protect their own staff against unnecessary lone working risks. Our client's staff don't need to be in early, or stay late to lockup/down - we do it for them!


Being local means we can be flexible to changes such as later or earlier requirement.


During a lock, our team check for hazards, and changes. They'll also support with any additional tasks such as turning lights off, checking temperatures, etc.


Your keys and information are managed securely. Our annual audit by the SSAIB includes checking against BS7984 - the British Standard for key holding and resonse services.

We hold SIA Approved contractor status.


Keeping our people safe is our first priority. If we can't do something safely, we don't do it. Our check call and monitoring systems, coupled with site risk assessments provide effective control measures to keep our team members safe at work.


Organisations without a trustworthy and reliable locking service may be taking unnecessary risks.

We already provide these services to a wide range of sectors such as healthcare, offices, schools, visitor attractions, parks and open spaces.

Our flexible resourcing approach means we can support our clients any time of day or night.

Our software provides an additional layer of assurance, with tag points being scanned around the site producing a bespoke report every time.  

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