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Mobile Patrols / Visits

Mobile patrol visits are a great deterrent against hostile action. They are also an effective way to undertake checks, monitor safety and detect changes. 

We work with our clients to create a bespoke patrol checklist which can include things like running a tap to prevent legionella, turning appliances off (or on!), securing areas, checking for leaks, damage and changes, etc.

Realtime monitoring 

Using leading industry software, our team members can provide us with an up to date location and task status.  During a patrol, our team scan NFC tags across sites to log proof of attendance. It enables us to provide customers with detailed reports, showing the timestamp of each tag scanned.

My project-1-12.png

Planned and reactive patrols.

We can follow a bespoke patrol plan or react to ad-hoc requirements.  During patrols we can check for hazards, secure doors/windows, turn off appliances and a wide range of other tasks to help our customers solve problems!

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